Marchand de la Forteresse


Le Marchand de la Forteresse vends des pierres pour l'amelioration très utiles, et d'autre objets spéciaux.

  • Located in Sen's Fortress, near the boss area. As you make your way towards the top rooftops of the fortress, you will notice a broken path just before you reach the shortcut (elevator cages). You must dash and jump across to the other side and you will find the man inside the building.
  • Defeating him grants you 1000 souls (confirmed)


Icon Name Use Price
  Black Firebomb More damage than regular firebombs 500
  Green Flower Grass Temporarily increases Stamina regeneration rate 1000
  Titanite Shard Strengthen regular weapon to +5 1000
  Large Titanite Shard Strengthen regular weapon to +10; Raw weapons to +5 4000
  Green Titanite Shard Strengthen Magic, Divine and Fire Weapons to +5 5000
  Greatsword   8000
  Great Axe   8000
  Balder Shield   4000
  Dark Shield   8000
  Arrows Standard Arrow 10
  Bolts Standard Bolt 30
  Large Arrow Higher Damage/Less Range 50
  Feather Arrow Less Damage/Higher Range 1000
  Catalina Helm Heavy Armor 10000
  Catalina Armor Heavy Armor 10000
  Catalina Gauntlets Heavy Armor 7000
  Catalina Leggings Heavy Armor 7000
  Thunder Stoneplate Ring Increases resistance to Lightning by 50 15000
  Magic Gem Ring Increases resistance to Magic 15000

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