Forgeron Vamos

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Vamos will upgrade Weapons with Fire and Chaos properties. He has no items for sale.


  • This Blacksmith is accessed through the Catacombs. After the first bonfire, continue along the level until you come to a spiral staircase that breaks off. Carefully roll off of the edge and onto the first platform, then slid down onto platforms below until you reach the bottom. Drop down the hole and you'll be greeted by a cut-scene of Vamos approaching you and smashing out a wall, suggesting it would be best if you left else you might cause him to lose his focus. He will remain here unless killed. Be careful not to accidentally lead any of the wheel skeletons into Vamos' nook - they'll kill him pretty fast, due to their attack style.

  • Despite the somewhat violent introduction and the suspicious appearance, Vamos will not harm you unless attacked first.


  • 1 piece of Humanity
  • Royal Helm
  • Hammer of Vamos

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