Forgeron Géant

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This giant Blacksmith is located in Anor Londo, but won't be accessible until you progress past the second bonfire of the level

Getting there
From the first bonfire you encounter in the area, down the elevator and once you have moved the rotating bridge to reach the other end you will have access to a rather difficult section maneuvering on beams and rooftops as Black Knight Archers shoot at you. Go right at the last junction and you will drop down to the second fog. The door to the left has a bonfire. Proceed forward and climb the stairs, then turn 90 degrees and walk forward around the staircase, enter the left door. From here, follow the path to a courtyard and kill the Black Knight archer on your right. Enter the fog door. You will then need to proceed up a few flight of stairs until you pass the room with the mounted boar head. Find the bedroom and continue through. You will find spiral stairs leading up to the roof. There you will head towards the Black Knight located near the center of the roof. It will lead to another spiral staircase, where later you will continue to run up the flight of stairs to find the inside of the giant door that was being guarded by the two Giant Knights. Across from you, there will be another set of stairs. Once you make it across, you have two choices:

  • Either you can continue forward toward the stained glass windows, to find a broken one to exit. Jump down and avoid/fight the demons and you'll find the Giant Blacksmith.
  • OR you can go towards the stairs leading down towards the floor level and there will be a path just to the left of the stairs which will lead you straight to the Blacksmith avoiding any confrontation with the demons. (These stairs should be located on the right wall once you make it across to the other set of stairs).

Moonlight Arrow


Dragon Arrow


Lightning Bolt


Giant Golem Helm


Giant Golem Chest


Giant Golem Gloves


Giant Golem Leggins


Giant Golem Halberd


Giant Golem Shield


Special Upgrades
Upgrades weapons with Boss Souls

Lightning Upgrades
Regular Reinforcement + 10 Weapons become Lightning +1
Drops when killed:

Drops Giant Wooden Blacksmith Hammer
0 x humanity

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